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Share your experience & work through one of these themes.

Built Environment: Movers & Shapers

Change is inevitable and becoming faster paced. How we respond through facilities shapes our campuses, and the experience we provide students and staff when on them. How do we continue to keep our eye on the strategic end game, whilst remaining agile and responsive to arising needs? Tell us what you’re doing in facilities planning, design, service provision and strategic asset management to meet the rising challenges of managing a 21st century estate portfolio.

Beyond the Physical Environment

Every university wanting to thrive in the 21st century is looking beyond the physical to get an edge in an increasingly competitive funding environment. In an age where the online experience is as important if not more as the physical and the need to make every dollar go further whilst still maintaining value add is standard modus operandi, this theme will explore digital endeavours, organisational change, the current service contracts landscape, as well as other operational or strategic initiatives undertaken to get that edge.

21st Century Service

What is it and how will you deliver it? Share your ideas and innovations, big or small, on how new service models will impact staff, students and facilities across the sector.

Distilling BIG Ideas

Many of us have planted seeds of ideas that are innovative, radical and disruptive, but how do we now refine these ideas to enable us to realise them in the real world? We can build on tradition or break from it, we cannot guarantee perfection but we must grasp the opportunity to distil our ideas today to transform our tomorrows. What are the key ingredients of success?

Healthy Futures: People & Planet

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Goals are embedded in everything we do. Universities play a key role in shaping the mindsets and skills of the future leaders we educate, and the industries we engage with. Addressing complex social, economic and environmental challenges will require transformations in how societies and economies function and how we interact with each other and the environment. Education, research, innovation and leadership are essential for helping society address these challenges and ensure healthy futures for all people and our planet.

Next Generation Leadership

Celebrate disruption, excite your team, re-design the future, mentor future leaders, shape future dreams, view the world as a customer, share a vision and strategy for the future, build relationships, challenge the status quo, leverage uncertainty, lead without fear, show courageous leadership, embrace diversity, envision the impossible, prioritise culture and people for results, empower and engage.